The Council


The Polytechnic is governed by a Council appointed by the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Education.  The term of office of the Council is 3 years from the date of appointment.

The 2nd Polytechnic Council was inaugurated in December 2019.  It comprises the following members:

Prof. James Felix Kanyua

Council Chairman

Prof. James F. Kanyua is a holder of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, MSc (Mechanical Engineering), BSc (Mechanical Engineering), Postgraduate Diploma in Energy Technology, has a Certificate in Solar Energy Conversion and Desalination.  He was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Nairobi from 1986 to 1992 during which he was appointed Associate Professor and performed various administrative duties. Currently he is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering at the Technical University of Mombasa.

Mr. Osman Varwani

Council Member

Mr. Osman Varwani has a BSc in Computer Science and Information Networking. He has a wealth of experience in ICT since 1994 to date. He is the founder and Managing Director of Innovus Group – Kenya.  He was the Council Chairman of the 1st Polytechnic Council.

Dr. Gracie Mullei

Council Member


Dr. Gracie Mullei is a holder of Bachelor of Education. She has over 5 years experience in Corporate Governance.   Since 2015, she has been engaged in Youth Leadership Training, in various Churches. She has been a Lecturer in various Institutions, a Manager at World Vision International for 9 Years, a Director at World Servant International for 10 Years.

Mr. Sammy K. Akilimali

Council Member


Mr. Sammy K. Akilimali has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship), Higher Diploma in Catering & Hotel Management, Diploma in Institutional Management and Diploma in Business Management.  He has a Wealth of 29 Years Experience in Airline Catering.  He Served as Airline Catering Manager for 23 Years with NAS Airport Services, until 31st December 2019. He is Currently a Consultant in Airline Catering & a Businessman.

Eng. Oliver C. W. Khabure

Council Member

Eng. Oliver C. W. Khabure is a holder of BSc in Civil Engineering and Masters in Business Administration.  He is a Registered Consulting Engineer and has been in the field for over 25 years.

CPA/CS. Julius N. Mwengei

Council Member




CPA/CS. Julius Ngumbau Mwengei is a Practicing Accountant and is the Managing Partner of Mwengei & Associates CPA(K).  He is also a Company Secretary (CS) and is Managing Partner of Mwengei Registrars.  He has vast Experience in Financial Matters Having Worked in the Insurance and Banking Industry. He is also a Tax Consultant and Insolvency Practitioner Practicing as Mwengei Consultants. He holds a CPA(K) & CS and is a Member of ICPAK & ICPSK. He holds an EMBA from Moi University.



Mr. Peter Mwangi

County Director, TVET


Mr. Peter Mwangi is the County Director, TVET.   He has a Masters Degree in Education Management and Administration.  He also holds a Bachelor of Education Degree (Chemistry & Mathematics)





Anne M Mbogo(Mrs)

Principal/Council Secretary







Functions of the Council

Section 6 of The Kenya Coast National Polytechnic Order, 2016 outlines the broad mandate of the Council as follows:

  1. The Council shall ensure that a proper management structure is in place and that the management maintains the corporate integrity, reputation and responsibility of the Polytechnic.
  2. The Council shall monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategies, policies, and management plans of the Polytechnic.
  3. The Council shall constantly review the viability and financial sustainability of the Polytechnic at least once in every year.
  4. The Council shall ensure that the Polytechnic complies with all the relevant laws, regulations, governance practices and accounting and auditing standards.