Vision, Mission, Core Values

A Regional Center of Excellence in Technical and Vocational Training, Research and Innovation.


To produce highly competent graduates through quality and relevant technical and vocational training, entrepreneurship, research and innovation for the dynamic world


To train highly skilled workforce that is suitable for further professional development through quality inclusive and equitable TVET programs responsive to national and global competitiveness


  1. Provide directly or indirectly or in collaboration with other institutions of higher learning, facilities for technical trainees in technological, professional, scientific education;
  2. Contribute to industrial and technological development of kenya, in collaboration with the industry and other organizations, through transfer of technology;
  3. Promote and establish a culture of innovation in engineering and technology and technology transfer amongst staff and students;
  4. Develop an institution with excellence in teaching, training, scholarship entrepreneurship, research;
  5. Provide a multi-level system of post-secondary school education and training
  6. Programs relevant to the needs of the community, covering a wide range of fields and levels with provision for recognition of prior learning and flexibility of transition between programs;
  7. Provide high quality educational, research, residential, commercial, cultural, social, recreational, sporting and other facilities;
  8. Advance knowledge and its practical application by research and other means, the dissemination of outcomes of research by various means and the commercial     exploitation of research results;
  9. Provide programs, products and services in ways that reflect the principles of equity and social justice;
  10. Facilitate student mobility between different programs at different technical training institutions and other national polytechnics;
  11. Collaborate with recognized universities for the conduct and award of degree programs in technology;
  12. Participate in commercial ventures and activities;
  13. Provide opportunities for development and further training for staff of the polytechnic;
  14. Provide programs, products and services in ways that reflects the principles of equity and social justice;
  15. Facilitate students’ mobility between different programs at different technical training institutions and other national polytechnics; and,
  16. Conduct examinations and grant such academic awards as may be provided under KCNP order


KCNP’s Core Values include the following among others:-

  • Professionalism: To offer our services in a manner which is skillful, proficient, knowledgeable and with high expertise by maintaining professional code of ethics.
  • Innovativeness: To uphold creating thinking by using our skills, knowledge and imagination to develop new ideas for the benefit of KCNP.
  • Diversity & Inclusiveness: To uphold strong character that make us unique in behavioral and social norms to ensure all our stakeholders in spite of their gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, etc., always feel welcome at KCNP.
  • Integrity: To uphold a high degree of honesty and be open to our stakeholders in our actions, decisions and policies.
  • Customer Focus: To be committed to place the customer satisfaction at the core of the KCNP’s public service delivery by ensuring high quality of service at all times.
  • Teamwork: To uphold together strong character of communication, self-control and humility to achieve KCNP’s goals and objectives despite our individual differences.


Excellence in Training and Innovation