E-Learning and FAB

Flexible and Blended Teaching.

At Kenya Coast National Polytechnic we are engaged in making education accessible to all. Through such endeavor, we have set up E-Learning and FAB Learning methods. A holistic approach to institutional change to become more responsive to the needs of diverse learners& Learning.

Flexible learning is an approach to education that expands learners choice on what, when, where and how learning takes place.It can be described as a provision of learning that allows choice to learners in any or all of time, pace, place, content/entry and exit, learning style and collaboration.This approach to learning & teaching is all about giving learners a choice-learner driven education.There are various objectives and aims of flexible and blended teaching.


The Kenya Coast National Polytechnic ”ElimuE-Learning portal, is a site that will keep students on track with day to day activities in the Campus. Students can access digital content provided in the Elimu system by the teachers from anywhere in the world. Just acquire a username and a passkey from the campus and off you go live with fully pledged digital content from your very own instructors at the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.