Executive Council

1. The executive council consists of:

    1. President
    2. Deputy President
    3. Secretary General
    4. Cabinet Secretary for Finance
    5. Cabinet Secretary for Education
    6. Cabinet Secretary for Welfare, Entertainment and Accommodation
    7. Cabinet Secretary for Sports

2. The executive council is responsible for the management of the office and KECOPSA affairs.

3. The executive council:-

  • Meet at least once every month
  • May also meet at any time of the month as may be desirable, in addition to the meeting in 3(A) above.

4. No business is transacted at any executive council meeting unless a quorum of members (is) present at the time when the meeting proceeds to business. Five members are entitled to attend and vote shall form a quorum.

5. The executive council collectively is liable for any utterances made or actions taken by any member of the council so long as such utterances and actions have been unanimously agreed upon in advance.


TITLE                 NAME                          CONTACT

PRESIDENT: Kemboi Cheruiyot Franklin. 0726765840

DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Chepkemoi Evaline. 0728948580

SECRETARY GENERAL: Ombim Herine Awino. 0715469219

CS FINANCE:  George Otieno  Oyoo. 0797895407

CS WELFARE: Symon Munene Muchiri. 0748497982

CS SPORTS: Erick Ouma Otieno. 0708629996

CS EDUCATION: Bonaya Guyo Salim. 0728933861