Alumni Association

Kenya Coast National Polytechnic Alumni Association

The Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (KCNP) Alumni Association was officially on launched on 11th November 2017. The launch was officiated by acting Director, Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), and Chief Principal, KNCP Council representative, deputy principals, Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO), Alumni Organizing Committee attended by members of staff and the KCNP Alumni.

Meaning, Purpose, Objectives, and Benefits of An Alumni Association.

Meaning: who qualifies to be Alumni?

The term alumni refer to the graduates of a university or a similar educational institution such as the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic. This alumni association regards anyone who graduated from this institution since 1950 when this institution started out as the Asian School.

A bit of our history: This institution, currently Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (KCNP) has a long and proud history of which all of alumni are a vital and integral part of. In 1958, this institution was converted from the Asian school to become the Technical High School Mombasa up until 1984. In 1984 it became the Mombasa Technical Training Institute, and most recently in 2016, was elevated to Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.

Purpose of the Alumni Association

The central purpose of an alumni association is to cultivate a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of your former institution. Alumni associations exist to support the parent organization’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization.

The main purpose of the KCNP Alumni Association is to promote and develop unity and involvement KCNP Alumni, through their talents, expertise ,networks, projects, researches, resources and service for the well being of its members ,the institute, and community regionally and internationally distinction in the provision of quality programs and services.

Objectives of the Alumni Association:

  1. To unite former (ex-) MTTI/KCNP students for social and economic mutual benefits;
  2. To promote career growth and development amongst the alumni through networking and sharing information, ideas, career experiences and new career opportunities;
  3. To enhance teamwork amongst the alumni by engaging in viable preferred innovative projects and enterprises for sustainable development;
  4. To engage the Alumni as role models to the continuing KCNP students while guiding them in such aspects as industrial attachment, internship, apprenticeship, job placement and career growth and;
  5. To involve the alumni in giving service to KCNP through being involved in activities and projects of the institution.

Proposed future activities of the Alumni Association:

  1. Network with each other for the benefit of sharing information, ideas, career experiences and new career opportunities
  2. We promote you all to actively engage in social activities such as clubs, team building activities and charity work
  3. Possibly undertake projects for self-enrichment, growth and sustainable development such as cooperatives, capacity building forums and training.
  4. We also humbly ask you all to be of service to KCNP students through such as offering industrial attachment, internship, apprenticeship, employment, training, and mentorship, coaching, fundraising, sponsoring needy students and motivating them.
  5. In addition, we would invite you all to get involved in KCNP projects such as infrastructure development, sponsoring training programmes, scholarships
  6. Actively participate in various events such as career talks, career expos, graduation, awards, sports and clubs can be a very rewarding endeavor.

Benefits realized by alumni associations will be also be of benefit to this institution, to continuing students, the community, and industry and the Alumni.

Benefits to the Institution:

  1. By actively engaging in being a member of KCNP’s alumni association, members will bring the following benefits to this institution;
  2. They will act as champions of this institution. They will play a key role in creating a good reputation for the institution.
  3. Giving back to the institution: Through donations and volunteerism the alumni will help to sustain the institution.
  4. As employers: As many of the alumni members are in industry, KCNP will benefit by them offering industrial attachment, Internships, Apprenticeship and employment to the continuing students.
  5. Projects: Alumni can start and fund institution’s projects, as well as assist in managing them
  6. Offering services: All alumni are in a position to offer their skills and expertise in the institution either in training or in capacity building in accordance to areas of their profession
  7. Curriculum development: Can participate in curriculum development and design by advising about the skills gap in the industry

Benefits to continuing students:

  1. Resourceful Network: Institutions with well-built alumni networks create credibility and good branding of the institution. This gives the continuing students higher job prospects.
  2. Career building/mentorship: alumni act as role models to the continuing students and can give career guidance as mentors.
  3. Employers: Alumni form the industry, therefore can offer industrial attachment, Internships, Apprenticeship and employment to the continuing students.

Benefits to the community: Alumni form the industry.

Many alumni are the employers in government, public, or the private sector. Some of them may have their own companies and NGOs. Alumni, through their Alumni Association serve the community by providing employment and many other ways of giving back to community.

Benefits to the Alumni themselves

  1. Networking: stay in contact with each other; find out where new opportunities are rising.
  2. Their marketability in getting a new job is increased
  3. If you need to upgrade your skills, membership gives you higher chances
  4. They will have access and use of campus facilities
  5. Being a part of the Alumni Association gives one a Sense of belonging: Opportunity to have permanent ties with the institution, former staff and students (fellow alumni).
  6. Through the network of this alumni association one can realize other benefits: travel opportunities, social events, etc

The benefits of Alumni are great, and numerous. It is a good choice to be a part of this Alumni Association.

The Alumni Advisory Board.

The Association is guided by the Alumni advisory board, it provides advice, support and guidance for the operation of the Association. The Chairperson of the Advisory Board is elected by the members of the Board from one of them. The Advisory Board shall hold at least one meeting per annum and hold further meetings as may be deemed necessary. Ad hoc action groups of the Advisory Board are established by the Chair to advise and support on alumni related matters when need arise. The board shall comprise of the following:

  • Chair of the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic Council.
  • 2 KCNP Council members
  • 2 Alumni  representatives appointed by the Alumni Association office bearers
  • 2 prominent members of the community appointed by the KCNP council


The members of the association are drawn from:

  1. All graduates of Kenya Coast National Polytechnic since its inception as an institution or school
  2. Such other persons or classes of persons as may be determined by the Alumni Association and designated for membership by ordinance.
  3. Full time staff working with the Institute
  4. Student membership include all current enrolled students

The following shall are eligible for honorary membership upon invitation by the advisory board:

  • Any person who has contributed towards the development of the Institute and has maintained close association.
  • Principals, Professors and all Honorary Awards
  • Recipients, as may be nominated by the alumni advisory board.

Membership will be through registration by paying a registration fee that will be agreed upon by the KCNP Alumni Association Executive committee. The amount will differ per category. Members will choose which category of membership they wish to be. Any member desiring to resign from the alumni association shall submit his/her resignation to the secretary general which will be in effect from the date of receipt by the secretary of such notice. The secretary acknowledges the notice for resignation in writing.

KCNP Alumni Association Executive Committee Office bearers:

The following were elected as the Alumni Association Executive Committee. They will work in liaison with the KCNP Alumni Steering Committee.

  1. Rodgers Simiyu -Chairperson
  2. Christine Obiero -Vice Chairperson
  3. Chakali Shaban Rhodah -Secretary
  4. Kennedy Ochieng Ongeto -Treasurer
  5. Sanura Makame Mohammed -Business Studies/Management Representative
  6. Abdalla Jillo Kokani -Electrical and Electronic Representative
  7. Wallace -ICT Representative
  8. Emily Molly -Hospitality and Tourism Management Rep
  9. Kennedy -Applied Sciences Representative
  10. Other department representatives

KCNP Alumni Steering Committee:

  1. Anne P.K.Kithinji – Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO),
  2. Michael Suja -Deputy ILO,
  3. Department Attachment Coordinators (DACs)

Organization Structure of the Alumni Association

KCNP s Alumni Association will comprise of the following;

  1. Patron- The Chief Principal
  2. The KCNP Advisory Committee
  3. KCNP Alumni Association Executive Committee Office bearers
  4. KCNP Alumni Steering Committee
  5. Alumni members (membership criteria is stipulated above)
  6. Ex- officials: Deputy Principals, Heads of Departments (HODs)
  7. Alumni Departmental Chapters coordinated by Department Attachment Coordinators (DACs) with the Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) giving an oversight role


Prepared by:

Anne P.K.Kithinji

Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO)