Applied Sciences Department


Head of Department

Welcome to the Applied Sciences Department. The Department is proud of its achievements in the world of Research and Innovations and it has put the Institution in the limelight at various Trade and TVET Fairs. The Department has a team of competent and committed trainers serving within the Department and also servicing in other Academic Departments.  The Students population is above 400 enrolled in different programs.

The Department has 5 well equipped Laboratories serving the different disciplines. We have an Instrumentation Laboratory with state-of-the-art Equipment donated by the Government of Kenya. The Equipment include GCSM, FITR, Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter, Kjeldahl Apparatus, among others. These instruments are not only for training and research but also for the Department’s Production Unit. There is also one Food Science Workshop.

After the completion of their courses the trainees are adequately prepared to provide skilled manpower in the Manufacturing, Analytical and Research Industries.

The programs offered in the Department are:

Diploma Courses

Certificate Courses