Information Communication Technology Technician

Course content

The course is intensive with many subjects that are undertaken in theory and practical lessons. It

Consists of the following units

i. Introduction to ICT

ii. Computer Applications

iii. Structured programming

iv. Communication skills

v. Operating Systems

vi. Computer Mathematics

vii. Internet-based programming

viii. Computer support and maintenance

ix. Networking


The program takes one (1) year and consists of two levels I and II of which the students sit for a KASNEB Examination

Field visits

Beside classroom learning student go for trips which enhance their understanding of the course content. Some of the areas of interest include:

i. Kenya ports authority

i. Kenya data networks

ii. MTN Business

iii. Cisco Kenya

iv. Access Kenya


The student go for a three(3) month attachment where they apply the knowledge learnt in class and they also get to meet equipment that may not have been available for teaching in college.