Diploma in Building Technology.

The student applying for the course must have a Mean Grade of C-(Minus) and above at K.C.S.E. and they must have done and passed in Mathematics, Physics or Physical Science and English.

Admission of new students is done at the beginning of every calendar year.

The course is modularized such that the trainee covers one module in one academic year (3 terms).

Course work

The course covers all relevant theory and practical in various subject areas. They are in line with syllabus developed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.


Internal examinations are administered by the institute inform of continuous assessments and end of term examinations. Two continuous assessment tests are administered per term except for the external examination term.

The trainee sits for a national examination at the end of each module.

Progression to the next module is subject to successful finish and attainment of a pass in the previous module.

Field Visits are organized according to lecturer’s requests to expose trainees to relevant industries in the trade areas.

Industrial Attachment

The students go for industrial attachment in the most relevant fields of their trade 330hours in module II and another 330 hours in module III. During the attachment term the trainee is exposed to the real world of work and applies the knowledge and skills attained in the institute.

The trainee is assessed and graded during the industrial attachment.