The Principal is the Chief Executive Officer of the Polytechnic and an ex-officio member of the Council who also serves as the Secretary to the Council.

The Polytechnic’s Management comprises the following members:

Mary M. Muthoka Ms.

Chief Principal/Council Secretary

Deputy Principal –


               Ms. Jane Kariuki –  Deputy Principal – Academic Affairs              


Mr. Julius M. Kasuva – Ag. Registrar                                      
Clerkson Bollo – Financial Controller
Functions of the Management Board

The Management Board assists the Principal in the day-to-day management of the Polytechnic and is responsible for:

  1. The efficient management of the human, physical and financial resources of the Polytechnic;
  2. Making proposals to the Council and the Academic Board on policies that have application across the entire institution;
  3. Coordination of the Polytechnic strategic and development plans; and
  4. Any other matters related to the management of the Polytechnic.