Byrum Wabwoba

Performance Contracting Coordinator

Performance contracting is a product support strategy for achieving measurable performance outcomes for an institution or organization. It is a mechanism under Public Sector Reforms that aims at improving performance of the Public Sector through; setting clear objectives, targets, and specifying agent performance in terms of results. A performance contract is a negotiated agreement between the Government, through the Ministry of Education and the management of Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.

The purpose of performance contracting is to establish clarity and consensus about the Polytechnic’s priorities and to ensure that systems are put in place to promote inclusivity and equality of all stakeholders. Performance contract also focuses on ensuring impartiality and fairness in the process of delivery of public services; institutionalization of a culture of accountability integrity, transparency and promoting values and principles of the public service. Further, the performance contract ensures effective, efficient and responsible use of public resources and enhancing responsiveness by public servants in delivery of services.

The department has the responsibility of overseeing the commitment of the Polytechnic management in setting compressive performance targets and ensuring their achievement, cascading the contract to all departments and cadres of employees for the purpose of integration. The department is also responsible for assessing and submitting quarterly and annual reports to designated agencies for the purposes of monitoring progress of performance and evaluation of performance.