Vipawa academy

Rita Mwabonje

Head of Department

KCNP Vipawa Academy was first conceptualized in 2015 and was kick started later in 2019.  KCNP Vipawa Academy is an initiative that aims to empower skills development and create opportunities for creative students to exercise their talents through mentorship. The program offers skills and training services in both formal and non-formal contexts such as school based technical and vocational training as well as mentorship sessions and apprenticeship training. Through practical based training and mentorship sessions, the academy will improve and empower learners with skills that will ultimately contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry as well as the economy.

DJ academy

Our DJ programs are tailored to increase musical intuition, self-confidence and creativity. The training will also include Video Mixing and Sound technique, all rolled up in one. This program will equip the student with valuable theoretical resource to tackle any challenge in a future career. This course will also be open to students of all ages who will be taught how to mix through a comprehensive program which guides students in beat matching, CD and vinyl mixing, scratch techniques, software and business.

The course outline consists of the following:

  1. Dj setup
  2. Cueing
  3. Beat matching
  4. Pitch control
  5. Recording
  6. Mix points
  7. Video making
  8. Branding
  9. Scratching techniques

Upon completion a student is expected to have done branding for himself as well as created a few mixtapes.

The course takes 3 months and examination body is in house.

Musical instruments

We have a number of instruments that we have and teach. They include but not limited to, guitar lessons, drum sets, violins, key boards and piano. We train on reading and mastering of cords as well as actual playing of the equipment.


we are focused on your skill development, creating a friendly environment that will make your learning enjoyable and fulfilling. Realize your passion in playing the Violin. We instruct children and adults. Children, from the age of 6 years, can join our violin lessons class or register.
Each violin training session takes 2Hrs. The program takes 3 months. Before you’re going to learn how to play the violin, you need to know the parts of a Violin. It is vital to know your instrument.

Piano Lessons

KCNP vipawa academy also aims at training learners on piano skills within the shortest period possible. The training will include playing favorite songs and develop the skills to navigate different keys on the Piano. This lessons target people of all ages with an interest in developing piano skills. We shall teach Classical Piano and Contemporary Piano.

Guitar lessons

This will be taught for a period of 3 months. During the training, students will undertake a series of tutorial lessons lasting 1 hour a day. Students will be allowed a maximum of 3 tutorial lessons per week depending on progress. The mode of teaching will include private lessons, group lessons, clinics, workshops in a relaxed, friendly comfortable, relaxed environment. Students will also get an opportunity to work alongside other instrumentalists and on live stage during student shows. 

Drum lessons

Drum Lessons at KCNP talent academy will be designed to build learners skills and technique, enabling one to become a great drummer over a short period of time. The lessons will be taught by accomplished drumists from the coast region with occasional visits by drummers from other regions.

The Best lessons in Photography

Vipawa Academy of photography delivers the best training in camera work and editing of images using the latest software technology. Photography is an exciting industry that offers numerous opportunities to make money, travel and capture timeless moments. Get ready to unleash your monster creativity using a camera and photo editing software.

Graphic Design

This course will introduce learners to latest graphic design techniques and software. Under the tutelage of experience/practicing graphic designers, learners will be taken through a project-based curriculum where they will learn how to communicate ideas through a cross section of visual media.

Time Period: Graphic design lessons take a period of 3 months. Class Frequency: Classes are held 3 days a week. The selected days are agreeable between the student and the graphic design teacher.

Best Graphic design software being

  1. PhotoShop
  2. CorelDraw
  3. Adobe InDesign
  4. Illustrator

film and video production

Film production is an emerging field in Kenya, providing young people with an opportunity to get income by providing content to broadcast and online platforms. This intensive three months’ course will provide learners with skills needed to become a confident self-shooter and self-editor. The course will expose students to different stages of production from conception to final edit. At the end of training our students go on to create short documentary pieces which showcase their newly acquired technical skill set in creating professional content for the screen. During training, students will research, write, produce and edit their own short film under the guidance of an industry-professional tutor. Running this training will enable KCNP to launch the careers of the documentary filmmakers of tomorrow.