General Library Rules

Circulation Policies

  1. Students must show their current identification card in order to borrow an item.
  2. Students are allowed to borrow two books at time for a period of one week but may be renewed for one more week upon request if there are no hold pending.
  3. Teaching staff are allowed to borrow five books at a time for a period of one month but may be renewed for two weeks upon request if there are no holds pending.
  4. Teaching staff on part time are not allowed to borrow information items from the library. They will only use within the library or can borrow through their Head of Departments.
  5. The circulation of reserve materials is determined by the user who submits the reserve request.
  6. Reference materials are to be used only within the library.
  7. Periodicals are to be used only within the library.
  8. Equipment such as computers, staplers, paper punch are to be used within the library only.

Overdue fines and Damage / Loss charges

  1. Information materials borrowed and not returned on due date will be charged Ksh. 20 per day per item.
  2. Borrowers will be responsible for materials out on loan. If the material is lost, an immediate report should be made to the librarian to enable appropriate action to be taken.
  3. Damaged, lost or non-returned information materials are charge at the replacement cost of the item plus a 10% non- refundable administration fee.

Reserve materials

  1. Kenya coast National Polytechnic provides reserve material services to support all areas of the curriculum.
  2. The services assure that students will have access to materials that may be in high demand due to the nature of a particular assignment.
  3. Students have access to the material during the hours the library is open.

Reserve services are governed by the following policies and guidelines:

  1. Students will be required to deposit Student ID’s in exchange with information material
  2. Two items can be borrowed at a time for a time of two hours only.
  3. Late fee charges are Ksh. 20 per hour.


Use of E-resources, Computers and the Internet

  1. Users are required to sign up for the use of the computers before using them.
  2. Library computers are intended for research and curriculum support. Gaming, gambling, illegal illicit or commercial activities are not permitted.
  3. You are only allowed to use the computer for a time allocated by the librarian. If patrons are waiting, non-library related use of computers must stop immediately upon request of library staff.
  4. Typing of research and / or personal works or prohibited.
  5. Downloading / storage of users’ work shall be done using flash disks and CDs
  6. The librarian may at his/ her discretion lock the user without notice if found violating the rules.
  7. The use of each online databases or e-resources is governed by copyright law and by the terms of the license agreement between the polytechnic, Library and the publishers. The Library will comply with the existing copyright laws. The Library will also promote copyright compliance among its users and staff. Downloading entire collections of data or entire issues of a journal or an electronic book is a violation of copyright law and a violation of Kenya coast National Polytechnic library license terms with the publishers.
  8. Do not install or uninstall any program or service in any computer. This is a preserve for ICT department.

Rules of conduct and regulations

The library staff strives to provide patrons with spaces and environment conducive for private study and research needs. Persons violating library rules will be given one warning. If the misconduct continues, patrons will be asked to leave.

The following must be observed in the library:

  1. Bags, handbags, envelops must be left on the shelf at the library entrance.
  2. Marks of defaces made on library materials is prohibited.
  3. Cell phones must be switched off.
  4. Silence must strictly be observed in and around the library.
  5. No food and beverage allowed in the library.
  6. Personal textbooks are allowed in the library only with permission from the librarian on duty.
  7. No one is allowed to reserve library seats
  8. Re-shelving of materials used within the library is not allowed. Materials used should be left on the tables.
  9. Users are expected to check the condition of the book they intend to borrow to ensure it is in good condition before borrowing. Only those books that are in good condition will be loaned out.
  10. All books must be borrowed from the circulation counter.
  11. No library materials may be borrowed beyond the designated loan periods.
  12. All borrowed library materials will be stamped a date to indicate when the user is expected to return them. Users are expected to check the date immediately after borrowing.
  13. Loaned items cannot be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library and be formerly issued to the next user.
  14. The librarian may withhold or restrict the circulation of any library materials in the library as circumstances may dictate.
  15. The library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacements of personal belongings.
  16. Any library user who consistently violates the above rules and regulations may be denied access and use of the library resources by the library management.
  17. Serious misconduct by a library user in the library may lead the library management to resent the case to the Institution’s disciplinary committee.